Created on June 30, 2020
Luisenstraße 3, 69115 Heidelberg, Deutschland

Metropolink part 29

WENU, meaning We & You, is founded by four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin. The concept of WENU is about painting and creating things not just for “WE” but also “U”. WENU seeks for crazy ideas, originality, uniqueness and beauty, meanwhile, tries to shape the cities better through their art.

On the facade of the Luisenhaus of the "KFG", Heidelberg slang for the Kurfürst-Friedrich-Gymnasium, it is now swarming and crawling, as is normally only the case inside the building. The Luisenhaus is the school building for sixth and seventh graders. The Konfuzius INstitut was the main sponsor of this production, realized by Metropolink.

There are also references to Heidelberg in the mural. For example the sign "window to the courtyard" on the bottom left of a small half-timbered house. Fenster zum Hof is the legendary record by the Stieber Twins, Christian and Martin Stieber, from 1996.

WE.N.U say: "WE.N.U is a game with associations, we let the viewer discover his own story. It is important for us that young and old have fun discovering our world, listen to themselves and give their own associations space.
We wrestle with arguments while painting, being mirrors ourselves but also filters of the current flood of information. Contrary to the staged singsongs of the superstars, we spontaneously compose our collective cacophony.”

Wenu Crew—Metropolink part 29Wenu Crew—Metropolink part 29Wenu Crew—Metropolink part 29Wenu Crew—Metropolink part 29
Hunted by Willi Bender.

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