Created on August 22, 2020
Dokter Willemsstraat 50, 3500 Hasselt, België

As an artist with a background in graffiti, Solo Cink discovered the art of calligraphy whilst travelling. Nowadays, he is seen to create a geometrical body of work that is steeped in history, filled with symbolism and all things sacred. In a kind of organised chaos, he revisits the letter by creating a succession of shapes and contours with a balanced flow. Never abstract, his output is invariably fraught with meaning.
Solo Cink now also is tattooing his calligraphic work and  geomatric shapes in his tattoo shop in Brussels.

Solo Cink—UntitledSolo Cink—UntitledSolo Cink—Untitled
Hunted by Kurt Bosmans.
Pictures by Kurt Bosmans.

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