Created on August 19, 2019
Stationsvägen 10, Lerum, Sverige

Maryushka And Kaschei

For Artscape 2019.
Tale was based on an orphan girl, Maryushka, who is the best at embroidering. The evil and jealous sorcerer Kaschei wants in on the action so he tries to make her serve him, promising her amazing riches. But she says no. He gets super angry and turns her into a bird…but its a firebird! He turns himself into a black falcon and grabs hold of her with his claws. He kills her, and as he flies off with her she starts dropping all her feathers down on the land…to leave a memory of herself.
Curtis Hylton—Maryushka And KascheiCurtis Hylton—Maryushka And Kaschei

Hunted by Fredric Sanabria.

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