Created on November 3, 2021
Breitnerstraat 12, 4462 SN Goes, Netherlands


This mural is a local initiative, when the owner invited Nina again to paint her cat on her house. A strange job for Nina who painted 2 popular murals at a local school. The word 'strange' here in a positive sense, because the artist thinks it is a beautiful assignment. 
The owner saw large murals appearing everywhere in Goes, but because her neighbourhood lacked some colors she took initiative of her own. Her own cat Schoebertje and one of her pigeons now adorn the wall there. "It's real, you know," she says about the big cat on the wall. 
 The owner paid for the mural herself after she asked for some support of the local council.

"I usually work for municipalities or other organizations and I have more free rein," says muralist Nina Valkhoff, who almost always makes murals with animals. In that sense, this was an odd request. But it's cool. Connie wanted her own cat on the wall. Well, great!'' 

Nina Valkhoff—SchoebertjeNina Valkhoff—Schoebertje

Hunted by Tim Marschang.