Created on August 3, 2021
Tönnessenstraße 5, Goch, Deutschland

Everything big starts with a small one

"Everything big starts with a small one" Tönnessenstraße 5, Goch as part of the "Goch history meets StreetArt" festival by Hera from Berlin by Herakut aka Jasmin Siddiqui.

This work is a real eye-catcher, which was supposed to be created elsewhere, namely at the museum, but I think this place was perfectly chosen because more visitors notice it!

The festival also started small, has really become a hip event in the scene this year!
The template for the face comes from a photo that Jasmin took of a little 3-year-old Gocher girl that was a bit cheeky. The eyes are awesome!

The building blocks stand for creativity, if we help our children to develop it, then they will find new ways and they will become open-minded people who are aware of their environment!

But I also discover the city skyline if you look closely! z. B. the stone gate
She said that she was not in Goch for the last time, I interpret that as she liked it here!
But also see it as a warning that if we don't take care of our children, then we get a society of egomaniac with mental defects!

Herakut (GER)—Everything big starts with a small oneHerakut (GER)—Everything big starts with a small oneHerakut (GER)—Everything big starts with a small one

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.