Created on June 23, 2016
Via Pancrazio De Pasquale, Giardini Naxos, ME, Italia
Emergence Festival - JB Rock is an Italian contemporary artist born in Rome in 1979. He is among the most famous writers on the Rome street art scene, and has been active since he was 12 years old. The mural work represents a snake, made of hands that eats the tail up to close the figure with a finger pointed in the mouth of the animal. Representation of mythology and iconography, this animal has for millennia played a role full of meaning in the history of the figurativism of many - not to say all - civilizations, as well as in the imagination of every single individual. Work that tends to stimulate the idea of the passage of time, on that time that welcomes us, that hosts us and regulates us: the time outside of us - or better to say - the eternal return of the equal.

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