Created on June 22, 2014
Strada Statale 185, Giardini Naxos, ME, Italia
Emergence Festival - Pablo S. Herrero is a Spanish artist with a thousand collaborations, with a language that inevitably leads people to take root. His work insinuates itself in every free space on the surface; his language starts from a stylization of the tree, brought back to a continuity between aerial apparatus and roots, in which the stem represents only a transitory element, as if absorbing (sun, light) and sucking (nutrients) are the only activities worthy of note. In the end, life is this.
Herrero works with the sign as a vital force, which is such as to sustain the continuous constructive confrontation with the language of other artists, e1000, David de la Mano, just to name a few. And then the branches follow colored geometric shapes, they drown in a red sunset or go to determine the lower ends of hominids of primitive mold.
Active mainly in Spain, it works on the commission of private individuals and galleries.
Pablo S.Herrero—UntitledPablo S.Herrero—UntitledPablo S.Herrero—UntitledPablo S.Herrero—UntitledPablo S.Herrero—Untitled

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