Created on June 9, 2013
Via Erice, Giardini Naxos, ME, Italia
VladyArt born in Catania, grew up in Europe. The exterior begins to be used as an artistic, pictorial and compositional study; firstly mainly for decorative interventions, then with more conceptual and less aesthetic methods. VladyArt tries with sarcasm and sagacity to sabotage, undermine, subvert the most common visual certainties, using a universal, simple and effective language. His painting is sometimes distinguished by the pictorial use of the word, in which the dripping and the dense weave are their own aesthetic characteristics. For him, street art is an intellectual reaction to visual stimuli: it can therefore express it in a physical, performative or theatrical way, and more or less everywhere.

Marker details

Date created2013-06-09T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark II
Marker typeartwork