Created on August 20, 2023
Rúa da Fraga, 64, 15500 Fene, A Coruña, Spain

A Violonchelista de Fene

The mural by SFHIR, created during the inaugural edition of the Perla Mural Fest in August 2023 in Fene, A Coruña, Spain, is situated on a towering 9-story building, making it one of the largest vertical murals, if not the largest, in Sfhir’s entire career. From the mural’s inception to the present date, it has stirred considerable excitement in the media and among the local population due to the artist’s creativity across this tremendous surface. Sfhir skillfully utilized the building’s shape, including the light well, to integrate the mural with the structure, giving birth to a magnificent cello played by a cellist. Upon viewing it, not only does its immensity make you feel small, but it also captivates you, and you can’t look away. The enchanting part is that at night, it seems to come to life; in the mast area, when the staircase lights are turned on by the neighbors, the cello’s frets light up, creating a visual marvel.

The mural, crafted during the festival, follows a musical theme, paying homage to the Perla venue and its legacy—an iconic cultural hub in the region that was demolished years ago. The artists depict various elements related to music in their works, including instruments, musical notes, iconic artists, and references to the musical history of the locality and Galicia as a whole.

Sfhir—A Violonchelista de FeneSfhir—A Violonchelista de FeneSfhir—A Violonchelista de FeneSfhir—A Violonchelista de FeneSfhir—A Violonchelista de Fene
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