Created on June 28, 2022
Ostuferstraße 21, 45356 Essen, Deutschland

Walls of Hafendampf

Please note: This is not a legal wall - It's an open air graffiti gallery!!!
Hafendampf is an annual graffiti jam in Essen, which was born 2013. It was named after the location where it takes place traditionally - Essen's little known city port. There are five pilllars on each side. 10 pillars in total, additionally a huge front - and shutoff wall. They all are painted mostly on each side.

Various Artists—Walls of HafendampfVarious Artists—Walls of HafendampfVarious Artists—Walls of Hafendampf

Hunted by Andrea Ranke. Pictures by Andrea Ranke (09/2017).

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