Kamellebuttek Art Gallery, Alzette, Luxemburg


Our story begins in 2013 when Raphael Gindt came to his grandmother’s house to paint. As the last floor of the house was not really in use, he progressively started installing his studio. A few years after that, when Raphael and Daniel Mac Lloyd were working together, both on their own projects, but helping each other as often as possible, they thought that it would be much easier to have both their studios in the same place.
So, when Raphael’s grandmother moved to a care home and decided to rent the house instead of selling it, Daniel moved his studio to basement of the house in August 2017.
Having both work spaces in the same house and working side by side, the two artists started renovating the rest of the building. The work involved laying floors, tearing down walls and installing a crane in the staircase. In 14 months of hard work in every free minute and lots of night shifts, they turned the very old-fashioned house of the 1950s into a creative space and art gallery designed to their needs and imagination. As a result, the heritage of the old-fashioned grandparent’s house, the city and its history was veiled in a modern, industrial urban art design.

—Kamellebuttek —Kamellebuttek

Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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