Created on July 9, 2023
ulitsa Sheinkmana, 52, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya oblast', Russia, 620014


’xoxo’ is about mixing the way we read images that appear in the daily feed. An instagramstory, meant to exist for only 24h is commonly used on presenting quick notes we pay attention to in life. These notes together make up the aesthetic of an online persona. An occasional quick selfie in itself doesn’t go that deep. What happens when the life and size of such image is stretched into dispropotionate extends? The grandiose features alone change the way we read such image completely. The work is a juxtaposition on the perceived time spent on the creation of an image.  
Anetta Lukjanova—xoxoAnetta Lukjanova—xoxoAnetta Lukjanova—xoxoAnetta Lukjanova—xoxoAnetta Lukjanova—xoxo
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