Created on November 5, 2021
Friedrichstraße 24, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Beyond Tellerrand

Stern-Verlag was a book trading company founded by Ferdinand Studt in Düsseldorf in 1900 and has been family-owned since then. On March 31, 2016, Klaus Janssen, the grandson of the founder, closed "one of the largest bookstores in Europe".The reasons for this were economic considerations in a market that had become more difficult in general and locally due to conversion, as well as the age of the sole proprietor

The Stern publishing house was sold to Motel One. The conversion into a hotel is planned for the business premises

Hoker One, with its beginnings in the graffiti scene, is currently in the creative balancing act between calligraphy and illustration. Something that doesn't sound very straightforward at first glance turns out to be an obvious and well-functioning combination. Because where the clear and stringent of the writing ends, the abstract and free of the illustration can begin and shine. Started building elevators as a trained mechatronics engineer - and for a while with the desire to pursue a suitable course of study, the cut was made just when the new motivation was difficult to ignore. Discarded previous plans, bought new tools and pursued ideas; why build things for public space if you can paint them? Since 2004, Hoker One has been working internationally with artists and clients such as Adidas, BMW and Huawei, both on free and commercial projects, from the west of the country and implements them alone, but also in cooperation with parts of its network
HokerOne—Beyond Tellerrand
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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