Created on January 1, 1970
Drury Buildings, Drury Street, Ireland

Campo Viejo Streets of Colour Dublin 2016

OKUDA SAN MIGUEL Multidisciplinary artist / working around the world / Madrid. Spain +++ www.okudart.es + okuda@okudart.es + Management: oscar@inkandmovement.com m.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fya5OUbOHc

dublinstreetart2017   Okuda and Remed, @okudart Spanish-based street artists, came to Dublin last year to brighten up the city centre. The artists’ work is a mix of maths, calligraphy, geometry, colour and form. Head over to Drury Buildings on Drury Street to see what they did.

Urban Art has firmly established itself as an important medium for artists and communities to express themselves and to claim the urban space for themselves. It is an empowering form of expression that has gone from subversive to widely accepted as an important art form in just a few short decades.

Dublin too can boast its own community of Urban Artists working the streets of Dublin to make their mark on the urban landscape. Dublin’s low-rise nature and areas that have seen little or no development in recent years, means there’s a lot of blank canvas for artists to express themselves.

Okuda—Campo Viejo Streets of Colour Dublin 2016Okuda—Campo Viejo Streets of Colour Dublin 2016Okuda—Campo Viejo Streets of Colour Dublin 2016
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