Created on July 1, 2023
Keizerstraat 1, 7411 HC Deventer, Nederland


During the shopping Sunday event in 2016 that Street Art Streets organized at the time, Valerie Ardini made several small additions and interventions in the public space with her 3D drawn and printed work, including these 3 birds

Valerie Ardini graduated in 2006 from the AKI (Enschede) in the field of media art. She lives and works in Deventer as an independent visual artist and architectural photographer.

"In my work I am very concerned with the space around us; how people relate to certain spaces, influence them, interact with them, leave their traces in them and what space, the environment, does to people."

Valerie Ardini —BirdsValerie Ardini —BirdsValerie Ardini —BirdsValerie Ardini —BirdsValerie Ardini —BirdsValerie Ardini —Birds

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