Created on July 15, 2023
Varlarstraat 2, 7415 MA Deventer, Nederland

Last Dance

With this wall in the east of NL I wanted to touch on the subject of the ephemeral nature of this building (and it's inhabitants that will have to move out) which will be taken down within the next 3 years and also the temporary character of my research into Uruguayan gauchos and their traditions. Here I painted a young lady preforming a traditional dance from Tucuarembo the Northern rural region of Uruguay whom i photographed last year January. The world we live in is ever changing and most of our movements are for the good of humanity I like to believe. For example we are adapting our behavioural patterns like eating less meat. I think these are good developments but they also bare consequences for people on the other side of the world in this case the meat producing Gauchos. Their way of life, cultural identity and tradions that have been passed down for generations are changing but will it survive?

"We have to change to stay the same" was stated on the facade of my art academy in Rotterdam. 

Story Street art Streets:
In his travels around the world, Tymon takes pictures of people he meets, often these people do not travel themselves, he takes these images with him and depicts these photos in his murals around the world, to introduce different cultures to each other.

On this wall you can see a young lady of Uruguayan descent performing a local traditional dance in Tucuarembo, the heartland of the Gauchos (peasants) of Uruguay. She wears a dress in the colors of the red and white flag of Deventer and the movement in the dress also symbolizes the movement through the restructuring project in the Ludgeruskwartier. She is about to take a step forward. She looks with hope and fearlessness to the horizon and the future of this district.

The "drawing in the face style" that is typical for Tymon is this time based on the wings of the eagle that adorns the Deventers city coat of arms. For the background, he chose a warm color palette with feminine soft tones to enhance the character of the lady and also to soften the possibly tense atmosphere in the neighborhood. Behind her head you see a kind of halo that refers to Ludgerus and his religious streak as the builder of the Lebuinuskerk and name giver of this district.

Street Art Streets and Woonbedrijf Ieder1 are jointly organizing a number of Murals in this neighbourhood. A lot will change in this neighborhood in the coming years. The current homes are making way for new ones, in order to offer even more people a new home in Deventer. With these Murals we want to show the city that this neighborhood is going to change. That many people “move Home” to help the city move forward. This is the underlying theme of the murals that will be created in the coming months.

The Ludgeruskwartier restructuring project is a collaboration of Woonbedrijf Ieder1 & Municipality of Deventer.

Tymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last DanceTymon de Laat—Last Dance

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Camera usedApple iPhone 14 Pro
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