Created on September 24, 2022
Wall: Superhero “Hide fox, and all after”
House: Tjoenerstraat 71 Wall Parallelweg / playground
Artist duo: Pipsqueak was here!!! (Amsterdam)
- pipsqueakwashere.com - www.instagram.com/pipsqueakwashere/

This mural’s story:  Who hasn’t dreamed of being a superhero?  Here in Sluiswijk you’ll find superheroes behind all kinds of doors, such as one small boy who always wanted to grow up to be Spiderman, a young girl who wanted to see a green ninja, and another child who has been known since he was three years old as the “Hulk of the neighbourhood”.  Inspired by these stories, Artist duo PWH (Pipsqueak Was Here) created a Stencil Art mural depicting a very tall girl, an impressive six meters to be exact.  She’s dressed as a superhero, looking very cool and tough as she watches over her neighbourhood playground making sure no one gets any ideas about bringing evil to her Sluiswijk neighbourhood!  On the left hand side of the wall “ the little mouse squeaked in the house ” with something yummy in its paws – do you see what it is? 

Find all the cookies in all the murals in Sluiswijk!
More info about "Muren & Buren" (Walls & Neighbours): www.streetartstreets.nl

Making of video of all murals: https://youtu.be/F_s7u9_qph4

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 11
Date created2022-09-24T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork