Created on June 29, 2023
Fortuinhof 1, 7416 BW Deventer, Nederland

50 Years DAK Mural

Title: 50 Years DAK Mural

A Collaboration of: Deventer Amateur Artists (DAK), Woonbedrijf Ieder1, Neighborhood Improvement Voorstad Deventer & Egbert.EGD

This wall was refurbished by housing company Ieder1 with a new white stucco. But a 36 meter white wall, the residents did not want to look at that. “Neighborhood improvement Voorstad” contacted Egbert.EGD. He creates and organizes murals throughout Deventer and brought Deventer Amateur Artists (DAK) and housing company Ieder1 together.

Deventer Amateur Artists (DAK) will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2023 with great events. One of the wishes was to make a “Mural” somewhere in Deventer, and this project succeeded.

The design was created by taking various highlights from Deventer and ideas from local residents. You can also find recognizable elements from the neighborhood in this mural. It has become a social-democratic project, in which even the public has painted along. In short, a unique project with a strong color composition, content and good cooperation in honor of 50 years of DAK and our beautiful Hanseatic city!
Diverse—50 Years DAK MuralDiverse—50 Years DAK MuralDiverse—50 Years DAK MuralDiverse—50 Years DAK MuralDiverse—50 Years DAK MuralDiverse—50 Years DAK Mural

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