Created on February 28, 2023
Randerstraat 18, 7416 XJ Deventer, Nederland


Artist: Nina Valkhof
Theme: Macaw
House: Randerstraat 18 wall on Randerstraat square
Artist:  Nina Valkhof ninavalkhoff.com Instagram @Ninapelirroja
This mural’s story: Under the smoke of the Eagle's Nest, the voices of four other exotic birds are regularly heard. These are the macaws of one of the local residents. They are a household name in the neighbourhood, make quite a bit of noise and are the resident's great love. He has no fewer than four of them. Two inside, two outside. He finds a mural of his parrots a wonderful alternative to all the previous artworks in the neighbourhood because, in his words, those had far too many lines and planes. "People in the neighbourhood know that the macaw belongs to me. A macaw on the wall would be nice." And that’s how it happened. Thanks to Nina Valkhoff's creative mural, which depicts the story botanically on the wall. By the way, do you see the "whole grain" reference in the painting?

Making of video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/xyghcx_Y8rU

About the Walls and Neighbours project
Local residents of Sluiswijk knocked on Rentree housing association's door in 2020. The bright white painted walls in the neighbourhood were not particularly attractive to them. The neighbours had a much better idea for those walls: street art! Rentree approached Street Art Streets, the collective for street art in Deventer, and together with the neighbourhood, Kunstcircuit, Kunstenlab and Voor Elkaar-Teams , they developed the amazing street art project: 'Walls and Neighbours'. 
Stichting de Tijdmachine (The Time Machine Nonprofit)  travelled around the neighbourhood to collect and organise neighbourhood stories into various themes -from heroes to animals and from history to city pride. These themes were then translated into murals by nationally and internationally renowned street artists. 
The murals can be seen around the Gooijerstraat in Deventer. From there, you can easily walk from artwork to artwork. Want to know more about this project and other street art murals in Deventer? Then visit:  streetartstreets.nl. 

Nina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—MacawNina Valkhoff—Macaw

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Camera usedApple iPhone 14 Pro
Date created2023-02-28T23:00:00.000Z
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