Created on April 30, 2023
Chopinlaan 4, 2625 WD Delft, Nederland

Mirá Mi

Since May 2023, this new mural has appeared on the Chopinlaan in Delft, The Netherlands
called "Mirá Mi"; which translates as 'See Me'; This is the “NOBIS Community Art” project of
CANIDREAM foundation. Check out the short docu about it
The arrival of the second mural in the neighborhood marks an important step in the
development of an art route in the Buitenhof where CANIDREAM is working towards through
NOBIS. With this new artwork, the theme 'Who is your hero' takes center stage.

For this painting, people in the neighborhood were asked who their hero is. Through street
interviews, workshops and other contact moments, neighborhood residents were actively
involved in the creation of the design. Together with the neighborhood, art is made to express the
identity and discover and develop talents in the neighborhood: a professional artist working
together with local residents!

BEYOND explains his design as follows:
The design revolves around a hero, in this case the father as hero. This is a father who
wants to be there for his children and bring out the best in them.
He has a look full of confidence, he is strong, he is there for his daughter. But his thoughts
are also partly with his son, the sadness of not seeing him grow up. The warm and fiery
tones in the dynamic shapes show his energy, passion and love. The textures in the shapes
show highlights in his life as a father but also the dark sides, the struggles. Only 1 of his
children is depicted, his son is unfortunately not in the picture, literally and figuratively. The
blue shows his blues, blues that have taken a piece of him. The painting is about hope, love,
strength and, above all, the father. Regularly, the father was labeled a hero in the
neighborhood. But how can a father be a hero to his child if he is not allowed to see his

NOBIS, founded in 2020, is an initiative of the CANIDREAM Foundation in which TU Delft
students and community residents have focused on beautifying the outdoor space of the
Buitenhof. This thriving neighborhood, with a strong community which seeks to empower its
residents, is still faced with social-economic challenges today. Inspired by national and
international cities where neighborhood art has long been used to increase the solidarity,
NOBIS energetically set to work in Delft to accomplish that same goal. In 2021, the Le Comté
public award was won with the first painting on the Chopinlaan, called 'La Perla'.

Beyond—Mirá MiBeyond—Mirá MiBeyond—Mirá Mi
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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