Created on May 12, 2022
Av. María del T. Cabanillas, Córdoba, Argentinië

Ariel Ocampo

La Fauna, en el azul

 In the mural, a female figure stands out –face and hands in the foreground-, captured as an allegorical resource, surrounded by animals of different species. That woman is the allegory of "La Fauna", a set of all the animals that inhabit and coexist in a nearby geographical environment. The work is located on one of the walls that supports the Bahía Blanca bridge, an elevated viaduct that joins both banks of the Suquía between the road junction of Hombre Urbano and Barrio Junior's. The surface is parallel to the coastal avenue, looking towards the Suquía from the south bank. This position symbolically links the three media in which the zoosphere develops: air (bridge), land (coastal), water (river). 
The Fauna, mistress and mistress of all the members of the "Animalya" kingdom, watches over the harmonious coexistence of these beings, among themselves and with the environment. 
The animals are represented on different scales, breaking the real relation of physical size between the species, to highlight the absolute value of each of them: For Fauna, the owl is as relevant as the puma. As a whole, all these animals are oriented in the same direction, which expresses coexistence in harmony. The representation of the environment is made by a mantle that acts as a plain, mountain range and river. 
Fauna watches over the progress of the animals, while attentively observing another species, the most peculiar of those that make up its kingdom: human beings. She knows that these require special attention and guidance as they often forget that they are part of the whole and lose course, putting all species at risk. Thus, the drivers of the vehicles that circulate along the Costanera in the daily hustle and bustle, absorbed in their interests, meet the Fauna that, with its serene but attentive gaze and with the gesture of its hands, invites them to flow in tune with the rest of the species. 
Blue predominates in the mural, representing pure air, oxygen as an essential resource for the life of animals, and whose abundance is the product of another valuable kingdom: Flora. 
Ariel Ocampo—La Fauna, en el azulAriel Ocampo—La Fauna, en el azul

Pictures by provided by the artist.