Created on December 9, 2021
Blvd. Las Heras 28, X5000 Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Ariel Ocampo

Beating Green

This mural was made within the framework of the Arte de Nuestra Gente program. Organized by the Undersecretariat of Culture, dependent on the Government Secretariat of the Municipality of Córdoba, which highlights the public space of Cordoba, makes visible the production of local artists and promotes the encounter with art by the citizens. For this, different operational areas participate together with the Secretary of Government, Undersecretary of Culture, and Secretary of Environmental Management and Sustainability, among other dependencies.

 It represents the direct link that exists between the vegetable kingdom and the dependence of humanity, symbolized by a young woman who exposes her heart, her beat, her feeling, her roots, to the green environment that contains her.
Ariel Ocampo—Beating Green

Hunted by Tim Marschang.