Created on April 17, 2023
Tøndergade 22, 1752 København, Denemarken

Black Sun

“BLACK SUN” by Soeren Solkaer and Henrik Soten in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Danish star photographer Søren Solkær has beautified the city of Copenhagen with his first ever mural depicting the natural phenomenon of starling murmurations, known in Danish as “black sun”. The giant artwork is a declaration of love to the city Søren has lived in since the mid-nineties, Copenhagen. It is also a part of a bigger celebration that marks the 100 year anniversary for Southern Jutland’s reunion with Denmark after being under German rule from 1864-1920. A celebration organized by the cultural festival, Golden Days.

The stunning motif is chosen from Søren’s latest project, BLACK SUN (2020), and captures one of the world’s most spectacular phenomena; the large murmurations of starlings that Søren has been documenting for several years all over Europe, starting out in the landscape of his childhood.
The vision of the mural came to life by the graffiti legend Henrik Soten, who is known internationally for his street art and vibrant murals. As a matter of fact, this is not the first time Søren ventures into the scene of street art. Back in 2012 he started on a three-year project, called SURFACE, photographing 160 of the world’s leading street artists and graffiti writers. A project that took him all over the world and resulted in a series of cinematic, staged portraits, presented in a book and numerous international exhibitions.

Søren Solkaer—Black SunSøren Solkaer—Black Sun
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