Created on June 22, 2022
R. Inácio Duarte 2, 3000-481 Coimbra, Portugal

Half owl

For: Colegio das Artes, Universidade de Coimbra

A Young Owl, stretching her legs, trying to reach her goals. The piece is divided: a more classic, conservative side, that’s holding on to the old walls; and another side, more directed to the future. This colourful side represents where new questions and new ideas rise, new solutions and interpretations of the Present, so that everything works better in the future. Spaces for knowledge, education and culture as the basis for an evolved and democratic society. The younger ones are the hope that in the future better choices and decisions take place – History has taught us. This is why it’s an honour to have the opportunity to have an artwork in a place with such surroundings.


Bordalo ll—Half owlBordalo ll—Half owlBordalo ll—Half owlBordalo ll—Half owl
Hunted by Kato.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D850
Marker typeartwork