Created on May 2, 2014
Rue de l'Ancre 2, Charleroi, Belgique

Bisous M'Chou

Realized for Asphalt#1 Urban art Biennale Charleroi in 2014
To see on the facade of Charleroi expo. Steve Powers send a message to the carolos, repeating a sentence he has heard and touched during his stay.  The colors used for lettering, orange, blue and white, cause optical vibrations and create the illusion of a neon, as a sign of urban marketing.

Steve Powers—Bisous M'ChouSteve Powers—Bisous M'ChouSteve Powers—Bisous M'Chou
Hunted by Fabienne Pazzaglia.
Pictures by @Fabienne Pazzaglia.

Marker details

Date created2014-05-02T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedApple iPhone 5
Marker typeartwork