Created on September 25, 2021
5 Rue de la Lanterne, 95800 Cergy, France


Note from the artist:

"This is the moment when sunset arrives and the room fills with warm colors. I can see the reflections of the light on your face, it's so beautiful. The clouds come towards us, we watch them in silence. In the different shapes, I see exotic flowers and plants, they grow and surround us, another moment and we're in the middle of the jungle. Suddenly, night falls and the small light of the moon appears, pointing the way. I smell the fresh scent of the river. We approach the water and I dip my hands in. Something comes around my hands. A snake. Surprised by this encounter, I can't move or breathe. Another second and the snake disappears... I want to follow it, but unable to walk, I lie down on the ground. I can see the scales appearing on my skin. The noises disappear. My voice fades. I can only see the colors... those warm colors that fill the room at sunset..."

Anna Conda—SilenceAnna Conda—Silence
Hunted by Ludo.
Pictures by Ludovic Italiani.

Marker details

Camera usedNothing A063
FestivalCaps Attack
Date created2021-09-25T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork