Created on May 16, 2023
Avenida da Milagrosa, 23, 15102 Carballo, A Coruña, Spanje

La sandía de Joe

Created fro Rexenerafest in June 2022

 Alba Fabre is used to constructing poetic narratives from an open and inconclusive point of view. Her work introduces us to the intimacy of an anonymous couple, in a moment of union in which different ideas are secretly whispered, deconstructing certain roles of classical art and bringing them to our contemporaneity.
The fragility, vulnerability and male sensitivity are opposed to the strength and integrity of the female figure, while their bodies merge to form a delicate.

Alba Fabre—La sandía de JoeAlba Fabre—La sandía de Joe

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by provided by the artist.