Created on December 31, 2013
Rúa Desiderio Varela, 22, Carballo, España

Carlos Concheiro, Susana Llorente

Carapuchiña feroz

There could not be a more appropriate topic than a children's story for the building of the current Municipal Playhouse, the old school of the village built in the 20s of the last century. 
It depicts a peculiar scene from the popular story "Carapuchiña vermella" ("Little red riding hood"), but Susana Llorente and Carlos Fernández represented a different Carapuchiña, who wear the same mask of a wolf and who, breaking canons, stops being a victim and becomes the fierce one. 
In this work we can observe a forest of oaks where a small carapuchiña with a wolf mask on a full moon night invites the viewer to enter that forest, in that world of fable, adventure and mystery. The character thus challenges fears and breaks with stereotypes, rebellious and without fear takes the rents of her life and decides to embark on a new path with the firm purpose of exploring and conquering other possible realities. The mural follows a very illustrative aesthetic that is reminiscent of drawings for children's stories. 
In the lower part of the scene, some verses by Luis Seoane are collected: "Nesas paredes que semella que agardan pobres, humildes, silenciosas, entrego a miña mensaxe" ("In those walls that seem to wait poor, humble, quiet, i deliver my message").
This mural is part of Derrubando muros con pintura 2014.
Carlos Concheiro, Susana Llorente—Carapuchiña ferozCarlos Concheiro, Susana Llorente—Carapuchiña feroz

Hunted by Sara P. Lantes.