Created on June 23, 2021
Via Milano, 140, Bréscia, Brescia, Italië

Treasure seekers

The mural in Via Milano 140, Brescia (Italy) is a conceptual and graphic summary of a long term project (4 years) that Jupiterfab worked in the same area, together with the Mid School “Romanino”. The school host a high percentage of kids who were born in Italy but from immigrants families (under the Italian law, they are not Italian till they are 18 and they can apply).

The artist is Italian but he has been living in different countries for the last 16 years. Probably for being himself a migrant is very focused on this topic.
The mural shows 5 kids from different ethnicities on a treasure hunt. The treasure they are looking for is Italy. The audience can grasp it because 4 of them have a surprised gaze looking at an ancient map of Italy, that the central character is holding.

The message are several and different, which the audience is free to explore and find. However there are two main important points Jupiterfab wants to stress:

-       The importance that Italy represent for new generations (no matter if fully Italian, new comers or in process to get the Italian citizenship) in terms of opportunity

-       The care, respect and value that we need to give to this country, because it is a precious treasure in our hands

The mural is facing a redeveloped area that will open in a couple of months with a public library and a little park.
Jupiterfab—Treasure seekersJupiterfab—Treasure seekersJupiterfab—Treasure seekers

Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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