Created on September 11, 2022
Kloosterplein 7, 4811 GN Breda, Nederland

Artwork created for Blind Walls Galley:

Blind Walls Galley:

"Close to the former nunnery Saint Catharinadal, you will find this mural, which depicts "Catharina van Alexandrië" (the holy Sint Catharina). Studio Anti-Held took inspiration from a painting from 1595 by the artist Caravaggio. In that painting, Catharina van Alexandrië is surrounded by all kinds of objects excavated by archaeologists, and some tools that were used. The mural also features these objects.

The holy Sint Catharina was seen by the people as the protector of plague victims. At the corner of Molenstraat and Oude Vest, nuns cared for these victims in the Zwartezusterklooster. Several plague graves have been found on that spot.

This mural is realised in collaboration with the Heritage team of Gemeente Breda in honour of 40 years of city archeology in Breda.

After graduating from the art academy, Sjoerd Jansen started to explore the world of illustration and design with Studio Anti-Held. He always enjoyed stories about anti-heroes. Sjoerd enjoys creating semi realistic expressive illustrations that say something about the world we live in, by creating his own metaphors and symbolism. He loves to work with analog techniques and to combine them to create new kinds of images."

Studio Anti-Held—UntitledStudio Anti-Held—Untitled
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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