Created on August 12, 2022
Bergschot, 4817 Breda, Nederland

Diversity & Transcience

  This mural by artist Joram Roukes is the highest Blind Wall so far, 38 meters high! Both for us and Joram a highlight in many ways. The mural is painted on the front facade of Residentie Bergschot in the Breda neighbourhood Heusdenhout. It’s not just the highest Blind Wall so far, but also the highest mural in North-Brabant. 

The flowers represent the diversity and transience of the neighbourhood. We asked the residents of the building and neighbourhood to send us input for the design on the vase. That question was answered with a wide variety of tastes, opinions and memories. Even though Heusdenhout is only 50 years old and seems quiet, there have been many changes over the years. The vase represents bringing together all individual elements (flowers). The vase is composed of parts from various vases, just like the history of the neighbourhood knows various periods.

The oak tree on the vase is a reference to the origin of the name Heusdenhout. The most used explanation of the place name Heusdenhout, previously Hosenhout or Hosenholt, is: ‘forest of towering trees, where one finds wood to make stems from’. This tree is also shown on Heusdenhout’s coat of arms. In addition to the coat of arms there’s also a flag. Two symbols that are rarely used by the neighbourhoud or evoke pride. Joram hopes this mural will. 

Joram Roukes—Diversity & TranscienceJoram Roukes—Diversity & TranscienceJoram Roukes—Diversity & Transcience
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by Blind Walls Gallery.

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