Created on January 14, 2020
Doornboslaan, Breda, Nederland

Nase Pop

During ‘The Week of Dutch Beer’, Nase Pop (NL/AR) painted four walls in the tunnel at Doornboslaan. For the colour palette, he took inspiration from the coat of arms of Breda and historic adverts of Breda Beer Brewery the ‘Three Horses-Shoes’. People have been talking about the ‘Drij Hoefijsers’ brewery since 1628. Because of the high quality brewing water the brewery’s reputation was on the rise and quickly grew to be one of the biggest breweries in the Netherlands. The main office is situated at the close-by Ceresstraat. The complex is a rare example of the industrial past of the 1929 crisis, with attention to material and architecture.
- Blind Walls Gallery | 2018 - 

Nase Pop&mdash;Nase PopNase Pop&mdash;Nase PopNase Pop&mdash;Nase PopNase Pop&mdash;Nase PopNase Pop&mdash;Nase Pop
Hunted by Blind Walls Gallery Breda.
Pictures by Rosa Meininger, Edwin Wiekens.

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