Created on January 14, 2020
Achter de Lange Stallen 1, 4811 HM Breda, Nederland


Not everyone’s a fan of graffiti, it’s often seen as a negative term. A bunch of different styles placed next to each other don’t necessarily make an alley look better. We try to find a middle ground, so we can restore the appearance of the city. In order to reach that goal, we work with artists that have often started their career by illegally spray painting walls.
The alley between Mols Parking and Ginnekenstraat is a perfect example, for as long as the inhabitants of Breda can remember, this alley has been covered in graffiti. We invited BoonieM (NL) to give the alley an upgrade. He spent several days painting panels that offer a look into the sometimes mysterious world of graffiti.
The panels were placed in the window frames that were always covered in posters on top of posters and layers of graffiti. The panels are a nice contrast to the mural by Mike Perry on the opposite side of the mural.
- Blind Walls Gallery | 2018 - Ed
Hunted by Blind Walls Gallery Breda.
Pictures by Edwin Wiekens.

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