Created on January 14, 2020
De Teruggave, Gasthuisvelden, Breda, Nederland

Taxes! Taxes!

The former tax-collection office has been re-named ‘De Teruggave’ (The Return). Today it is a community of companies, social organisations and an information centre. Over the following years, the building will be redeveloped from a place you’d avoid back in the day, to a lively building where people feel welcome.
Graphic designer Hansje van Halem (NL) designed a hall runner for the information centre. The pattern symbolises renewal and the various forces that are needed to achieve this, such as an involved government, industry, education and civilians. The observant visitor has probably noticed that this isn’t actually a mural, but a print on a sticker.
Blind Walls Gallery 2019.

Hansje van Halem—Taxes! Taxes!Hansje van Halem—Taxes! Taxes!Hansje van Halem—Taxes! Taxes!Hansje van Halem—Taxes! Taxes!
Hunted by Blind Walls Gallery Breda.
Pictures by Dennis Elbers.

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