Created on January 14, 2020
Akkerstraat, Breda, Nederland
This mural at the Akkerstraat was created by artist-duo Twee Muizen and is part of the annual National History Month (October). The theme of National History Month in 2019 is She/He, which explores how gender differences were formed throughout history. With Stadsarchief Breda (the city archives) we researched the story of Maria van Antwerpen (a woman), who pretended to be Jan van Ant (a man). Maria (from Breda) applied for the army as Jan van Ant and married a woman twice. One day, she was recognised as Maria van Antwerpen and put on trial for ‘vulgar and severe forgery’ and ‘mocking the godly and humanly laws’ and was banned from Brabant.
- Blind Walls Gallery | 2019 -
Twee Muizen&mdash;UntitledTwee Muizen&mdash;UntitledTwee Muizen&mdash;UntitledTwee Muizen&mdash;Untitled
Hunted by Blind Walls Gallery Breda.
Pictures by Edwin Wiekens, Edwin Wiekens .

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