Created on September 6, 2023
141 Rue de Brequerecque, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


Completed in seven days, the new acquisition of the open-air museum impresses. The precision of the lines, the contrasts, the colors, everything makes you think of a photograph. However, it is indeed a painting signed Javier Barriga. A back face appears with two braids. Those of a thoughtful and silent young woman tying her dress. With a nice wink, the presence of a silver Boulogne ring. The perfect symbol of the approach of the street-artist specializing in faceless hyperrealistic portraits that captivate the viewer all the more with the mystery he exudes. “The idea is to bring to Boulogne an iconic work of my style, of my art,” he confides. “Of course I created this fresco especially for this wall. This character is inspired by a young girl in my girlfriend's family. His face does not appear. She does not have her own identity, which allows the spectators who watch her to imagine what they want and to identify with the character according to their mood, the light and the moment of life they are going through. . »

A real artistic approach. "This is the meaning of my work in the street" resumes Barriga. "I'm not here to impose anything on people. It is up to the spectators to appropriate the work. For me, this is the very essence of street art. I am not someone who has something to say but an artist who has something to do. It's up to the audience to have something to say. We are here to democratize access to culture. This is my philosophy and that of the festival, which is why I really blossomed here. »

An artistic approach filled with humility which characterizes the character well. Javier Barriga is eternally dissatisfied. “I always try to improve every detail. I am rarely happy with myself. When my work is finished, only the imperfections appear to me. “Imperfections” all related to seeing the smiles of passers-by and the exclamations of the regulars of rue de Bréquerecque, many of whom stop to take a photo and admire the work of art.

A work inspired by the great classical masters. “I have been passionate about painting since childhood,” says the Chilean. “I really like the Renaissance period. In the beginning, I painted pictures which, in the best of cases, were sold. It then belonged to an owner and the cycle was closed. It wasn't enough for me. I needed to share my work with people who don't consume art. For me, the wall is a canvas. I wanted to bring classic images into the public space. »

After several works produced in Chile but also in different countries, it was in Boulogne-sur-Mer that Javier Barriga discovered the atmosphere of a festival. “It is an honor for me to have participated. It was the first time that I intervened in an international festival. It was also an opportunity to meet and exchange with other artists. Slim Safont (who did a fresco on rue Maryse Bastié) told me a lot of good things about Boulogne-sur-Mer, the team and the festival. Participating in it was truly amazing. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to bring my style alongside the big names in street art already present here. 
Javier Barriga—Nudo Javier Barriga—Nudo
Hunted by ferdinandfeys.
Pictures by Street Art Boulogne-sur-mer artists: Serge Kortenbroek & TikToy - pic: Ferdinand Feys / Ghent Street Art.

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