Created on July 12, 2022
19 Rue Laennec, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer, Frankrijk

What's remembered, Lives

Through remembering, we honor that which has passed. How we choose to remember something or someone dictates its enduring existence. As the viewer travels down the street and between these two paintings, they are reminded that it is here, in this space between life and death, that memory and experience are formed.

The concept for these walls was built over many conversations. From small chats to a 10-hour car ride to France, the initial seed began around memories of those who have departed. The bouquet of flowers becomes an offering, a celebration and for us an apt vessel to convey the idea of remembrance. It also allowed us to introduce and engage with the community through the act of asking people to donate flowers from their gardens. After a bouquet was vetted, hung and photographed, the flowers stayed on the wall, slowly wilting as we painted the first mural. Day after day we revisited the flowers and documented their rapid decay. By the time the first mural was complete, we compiled the images, becoming a capsule of our time spent there and a passage between life and death.

Part of the 6th edition of the Street Art Festival in 2021
James Bullough, Onur, Li-Hill—What's remembered, LivesJames Bullough, Onur, Li-Hill—What's remembered, LivesJames Bullough, Onur, Li-Hill—What's remembered, Lives
Hunted by Tim.

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