Created on July 27, 2019
47 Rue des 2 Ponts, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Peeta Ead

Manuel Di Rita, better known as Peeta, is famous around the world for his unique anamorphic style. Based on the letters of his artist's name stylized in a three-dimensional world, these works change the perception of a familiar place for the inhabitants and lead to a different understanding of the environment and therefore of reality. “Through metaphor, I want to neutralize preconceptions and encourage the emergence of new perspectives. Anamorphism reveals the deceptive nature of human perception. »Street artist but also sculptor, Peeta is part of the EAD, FX and RWK collectives which have organized concerts, festivals and exhibitions all over the world.

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Peeta—Peeta Ead
Hunted by Amziane ABID.

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