Created on August 27, 2019
11 Rue Georges Méliès, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Mantra & Love

Giving nature a significant place in the city is the ambition of Mantra, a self-taught painter born in Metz in 1987. Active in the world of graffiti since 2008, he pays homage to the heroes of his childhood: butterflies, owls and spiders. His art acts like the mirror that reflects the cries of a nature that we no longer listen to. His works, produced in a lively and realistic style, are so many imprints left in the urban space. Thanks to an artistic process that allows him to repeat his patterns while changing the scale, Mantra shows ever more precision and concentration and takes care of every detail of his paintings to give a unique soul to the wall. His reputation today goes beyond the borders of France and the artist creates his works on the walls of the streets of Vienne, Brussels, Lima, Seattle,
Fascination, passion and obsession, these are the three feelings that graffiti provokes in Love. “When I don't have the possibility of painting with an aerosol, I no longer work”. More than 35 years devoted to "graffiti" have shaped his style born in the Parisian suburbs in the midst of the emergence of hip-hop culture. For Love, graffiti is a means of expression, a form of protest against established society, an alternative to violence and a means of recognition and respect. After a rich experience in Germany where he rubs shoulders with artists like ECB (Hendrik Beikirch who participated in the festvial in 2018), Love evolves his style by focusing on the pure dynamics of the Letter he breaks in order to be able to extend it. limitless and make it almost impossible to read. In 2012, he joined forces with Mantra and its figurative style. Fruits of this common inspiration, works and a style which tends towards abstraction and a very particular attention to the composition of the color. Self-taught, Love works without a sketch, in pure control and mastery of his art.

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