Created on June 1, 2017
1555 West Front Street, Boise, ID, USA

Rhodes Skate Park

Rhodes is always an energetic place- between the zipping of wheels in the park and the thudding of cars on the interstate above, there is a constant hum of activity. The park is named after Glenn Rhodes, who came up with the idea of a dedicated skate park after downtown businesses were complaining about chasing off skaters from their properties- there simply wasn't anywhere for them to skate. He spoke with skaters on what they would like to see and got city approval in 1992 and over a 2 year period worked to pour cement, establish fencing, and coordinate construction to complete the park. The park underwent a renovation in 2017 which involved the installation of these murals. 
SectorSeventeen—Rhodes Skate ParkSectorSeventeen—Rhodes Skate ParkSectorSeventeen—Rhodes Skate Park

Hunted by Kathleen Karpal. Pictures by Kathleen Karpal.