Created on May 14, 2018
Cascina Pelesa, Via Canonica, Castel Cerreto, BG, Italia


At first glance it might seem like a child sitting on a wall pointing the finger forward, but it represents much more: in fact, that child is the little Mènec, protagonist of "The Tree of the Hooves", the film shot in these areas by Ermanno Olmi. 
A film that every Bergamo native has seen at least once in his life and that brings with it those feelings of melancholy and attachment to the territory that Ale Senso herself wanted to impress on her work. The boy points his finger at both the spectator and the other side of the road: “beyond the highway there is a valley where the plain descends, and they told me that there was a lake, the Gerundo , which guarded the legend of the dragon Tarantasio "(inserted in the work as one of the last details!). 
A connection between past and present expertly recreated by Ale Senso through the gesture of that child who almost melancholy indicates that past which in any way survives, for example precisely through those legends that have been told to it. The scene shows numerous elements taken from the surrounding landscape, including the colors of the territory, to which the artist has tried to relate as much as possible.
Ale Senso (GER)—MènecAle Senso (GER)—MènecAle Senso (GER)—MènecAle Senso (GER)—Mènec

Hunted by Alessandro Etsom.

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