Created on January 3, 2020
Via Giovanni da Campione, 20, 24124 Bergamo BG, Italia

Coronilla - Bolivian Mothers

The story depicted in the Bolivian monument pays homage to the heroism of the local mothers who fight in defense of the city and affections. In the paintings on paper attached to the wall, South American costumes adorn mothers who reveal pop details from superheroes, with a poetics that stratifies meanings and lends itself to great suggestions.
Manzoni taking up this subject in the work in Bergamo thus represents the passage between his Bolivian mother and the discovery of the Italian one, to find himself Bolivian as an adult. A circular destiny that is evoked by the exciting work visible to everyone in Bergamo.
Gio Manzoni—Coronilla - Bolivian MothersGio Manzoni—Coronilla - Bolivian MothersGio Manzoni—Coronilla - Bolivian Mothers

Hunted by Alessandro Etsom.

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