Created on January 3, 2020
Via Europa, 15, 24125 Bergamo BG, Italia

La Malpensata

The artist lived the neighborhood and its streets, breathed its atmosphere. Before starting to paint, she met the principal of the high school "Giulio Natta" and some students, who shared with her how they live in this area, where over 4000 children from all over the province arrive every day to attend the professional. A place that turns into a desert when there are no schools, an isolated area, which however retains a green strip between the buildings and the highway traffic.

The words of the boys in Bastardilla's work have turned into a figure reading a vegetable book, where environmental issues and nature meet culture: “The schools in the area are all professional - continues Pansera - but the objective here is not it is only teaching children a job, it is essential to train them also in a human and social sense ".
Bastardilla—La MalpensataBastardilla—La MalpensataBastardilla—La MalpensataBastardilla—La Malpensata
Hunted by Alessandro Etsom.

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