Created on April 9, 2020
10 Rue Albéric Poitrenaud, 64100 Bayonne, France
Street & stencil artist, ZALEZ is french, hyperactive and always in a quest for trying new things. After studying  Design, Architecture and finally Beaux-Arts, he tries graffiti with a crew named « Zone Agrée Libertaire Éduquée ». His work spins around women identity, creates provocative paradoxes, mixing nude art technics and modern exposure developed by contemporary urban art. A subtil balance between a classical esthetic and a réactive, by which women owns back full power upon their bodies.

This mural is based upon a local sport practiced right next to the wall. Jai-Alai is one of the local cultural fundation.  He soon realized that this sport is not very well represented in the women branch and female competition recognized by the federation only sonne 1975 but still not very promoted in comparaison with the men. Before that, you'll find very few informations on the feminine practice although it has been significantly present since the 17th century. 

Zalek thought it was important to give these women some overdue attention in the public space, practicing in the social nautical club of Bayonne, they took the "Nautiquettes" (name reference to the suffragettes of early 20th century). This mural honors their love for Jai-Alai and obstacles equally met with lack of recognition they experience since centuries.

📍 Festival Points de Vue, Bayonne (France)
Hunted by Fleur Kaminski.
Pictures by Fleur Kaminski.

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