Created on April 8, 2020
44 Avenue Capitaine Resplandy, 64100 Bayonne, France

Hitza Hitz

SISMIKAZOT is a french duo, Paul & Rémi, respectively Sismik & Azot - mixed their graffiti writers name to create this project. Based in Cornac (France), the 2 college lads furrow French country, meeting people by painting walls since 2012.

Each one of them is from a character of the community, tells a story.
Their approach is either abstract, figurative and typographic - those 3 elements combined help them built the tale inside the painting.

In Bayonne, they painted "Hitza Hitz" named after an ancient Bask way to conclude a deal, people would shake hands saying this, engaging to honor it. Once this said, there were no going back. The man pictured is a local shepherd they met and choose as a symbol of Bask Culture and Traditions.

It is one of the first artworks realized as a part of Points de Vue first edition, where it was raining a lot.
Quite challenging to paint when the weather is not really on your side, but still - they stood under the rain to finish the wall in time !

📍 Festival Points de Vue, Bayonne (France)

Sismikazot—Hitza HitzSismikazot—Hitza Hitz
Hunted by Fleur Kaminski.
Pictures by Fleur Kaminski.

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