Created on January 29, 2022
Frankfurt-Strasse 54, 4142 Münchenstein, Suiça
At the beginning of October 2021, Artstübli – Urban Art & Culture curated and coordinated several walls at Dreispitz area Basel/Münchenstein (CH) by renowned international artists Hendrik Beikirch (Bendorf, DEU), SpY (Madrid, ESP), and Jeroen Erosie (Eindhoven, NLD). 
The focus is on a wide spectrum of outstanding and distinctive styles and techniques used in various art movements and by diverse artistic personalities. Urban Art interprets the city as an open-air gallery, adapts to the environment, presents itself freely accessible to all strata of the population and invites the beholder to rediscover places.
Jeroen Erosie—UntitledJeroen Erosie—UntitledJeroen Erosie—Untitled

Hunted by Tiago Melo. Pictures by @tiagomelx.