Created on February 18, 2022
10001 Ardwick Ardmore Rd, Springdale, MD 20774, USA


This mural was painted in 2009 in Prince George’s County, Maryland in a suburb outside of Washington DC for Art in Public Spaces. The mural depicts the development of a rural area into a bustling extension of DC into Maryland. The statues represent African American leaders of Maryland. The statues are Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist from the Civil War: Charles Herbert Flowers, a Tuskgee Airman from WW2: Doctor N. Louise Young, the first African American woman licensed in the State of Maryland. The small statue that she is holding is of Henrietta Lacks. The last statue is my personal favorite and represents Tom Miller, an artist and muralist from Baltimore. The mural was painted on fiber cement panels and later installed across the street from C. H. Flowers High School. 

The mural is designed to be seen from an angle from the viewpoint of the High School versus straight on like most paintings. The right side of the images has been elongated so that they will seem to be natural to the rest of the mural when seen from a sharp angle as well as the arches.
Murals of Baltimore—ParadiseMurals of Baltimore—ParadiseMurals of Baltimore—Paradise

Hunted by Michael Kirby.

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