Created on February 1, 2022
3801 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA


Or also known as Monument to a Penis or Monument to Ovaries. Yes as you can imagine the Mural depicts upside-down Ovaries. At the time I was expecting the birth of my first child and being a father, the father generally sits in the waiting room while the mother goes into the doctor's office to be examined on a monthly or weekly basis. Well, these waiting rooms for fathers are generally decorated with plastic sculptures and posters of women's ovaries. Being surrounded by these images for a number of months inspired me to create a mural about it. So I flipped the ovaries and thought it looked like a penis and felt it looked cool for a mural. Around this image, I designed flowers and shapes that I felt were inspired by reproduction. Then the three panels were divided into the 3 primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. I am an anatomy fanatic and in my studies, I have generally been obsessed with the skeletal system and muscles, this mural allowed me to focus on the reproductive organs in human anatomy for the first time.
Murals of Baltimore—FertilityMurals of Baltimore—FertilityMurals of Baltimore—Fertility

Hunted by Michael Kirby.

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