Created on July 31, 2018
Aleea Parcului 2, Bacău, România

Mircea Cancicov

Mircea Cancicov (1884-1959) was an important member of the Liberal Party, multiple times deputy in the Romanian parliament, lawyer, and Member of Honor of the Romanian Academy. He has also served as Minister of Finance in several governments, being one of the most important actors in the country's economic recovery from 1938, a tough year for the entire European Continent.

His portrait is a modern reinterpretation marked by the personal style of Lucian Sandu-Milea, who is preoccupied with the fusion between tradition and technology, between the traditional way of making art, and the need to be innovative and integrate elements of our own time within it.
Lucian Sandu-Milea—Mircea CancicovLucian Sandu-Milea—Mircea Cancicov

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