Created on September 5, 2020
Colegiul Tehnic "Anghel Saligny", Strada Vasile Alecsandri, Bacău, România

Traditions & Technology

The mural tries to showcase the contrast between the universe of the village and the urban universe by highlighting the conversion process- the metamorphosis of man-bear (traditions that are specific to the Bacau region). This process can be read and understood both in a traditional, ritualic way or in a contemporary way- by using the VR technology that turns the bear into a videogame character. At a deeper level, you will see the world of the concrete city and the universe of the countryside morphing into one. Two separate worlds and two moments of human existence that coexist in the same continuum of the “present”.

The artwork covers 120 square meters and has been created for the 3rd edition of the ZidArt festival - DomiNow-. using mostly air-purifying paint.
Lucian Sandu-Milea—Traditions & TechnologyLucian Sandu-Milea—Traditions & Technology

Hunted by Zidart Fest. Pictures by Bragovski for ZidArt 2020 - DomiNow.